boble’s empire

boble’s empire

Looking for a new community to join? Look no further! Join Boble's Empire today! It's free and you can always leave! We have game bots, giveaways music channels advertising channels! THE LOT! So come check it out!

WOAH! What's this? A brand new server you could be interested in?

Come and join Boble's Empire today!

Why you say? Well we offer lots of cool games to play and excited new people to talk to!

-> We have Dank Memer (rob off so you can keep you things safe!) 🤩 -> We have lots of unlockable features like new voice channels, new chats and LOADS moreeee! 🔥 -> Epic ranking systems! 🆙 -> Epic active staff! (and looking for more, that could be you!!!) 🛠️ -> Music channels!!! 🎵 -> Other cool bots for you to try out and get good at! 🤖 -> Daily giveaways! (Bigger and better prizes coming soon) 🥳 -> New events incoming with our own new PODCAST!!! 🎉

So come check it out!!! 🤝 It's free to join and you can leave when you like! 🚀



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