ben's lounge • wellness • mh awareness • friends • gaming

ben's lounge • wellness • mh awareness • friends • gaming

Welcome to Ben's Lounge • Wellness • MH Awareness • Friends • Gaming What we focus on: ┉┉┑ 🌻Providing you with Mental Health strategies and ways to cope. 🌺Daily Questions, Quotes and Motivation to help start your day! 💮Self help, Support, Advice & Immediate Support 🌴Make New Friends 🍓Find people to game with!

This is a safe haven for people to feel at home. To improve their mental health, well being and make new friends. Ben's Lounge offers self help, support, advice, quotes, motivation and people to talk to if you wish. We also have plenty of bots to play games and involve with others.

There is no forcing or mandatory things to do, it is all done on your own accord.

This server can offer you coping strategies, friends, people to interact with who may have the same difficulties as you do. It can offer daily motivation and inspiration for the things that you wish to conquer in your life. We want to see you succeed!

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