🌴 bcrp i baycity roleplay

🌴 bcrp i baycity roleplay

My server is for a game called ER:LC its a game on roblox that has over millions of visits. This game in my point of view is great and fun. We are asking for you all to come and join and have a great time and a good rp.

Hello, my name is Cruz I'm the owner of South Side Role-play. Which is a fun game the game is on roblox platform and the game name is called ER:LC. I think the game is very fun and intertaning and I think you guys should come and join too. My link will be here so make sure to come and join and have a great role-play. We have SSU'S Daily within this community. We are in need of members so then we can get more and more SSU's. As of now our server is still working on with channels and also livelrys. We hope you come on down and join us.



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