cryphon services

cryphon services

Cryphon is a bot for ur community server, do u want this bot in ur server then type /apply then wait 24 hours for it to be check this bot will have many features to make ur community server even better and soon if we grow even more we will have a premium version for bigger servers

Hello! This is the Main Bot of Cryphon Services if u want this bot in ur server you must apply the form will be in bot-info there is a req of 15+ Members if u want this bot is self hosted so if the bot goes down please contact support and we'll get the bot back up running so ur community server is even better want to suggest a feature btw this bot we did not code so there are things we cannot do! want a bot like this open a ticket and we can get u a bot just like this we will also have a premium version with better stuff soon...



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