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rsin esports dominion®

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297 | Bumped 2 months ago | 5.0 | community esports +14

We're an up and coming server directed towards Esports players, our goal is to unite all players under one name(RSIN). Tournaments/Mock versions of them are held very often and we hand out skins to winners + have many giveaways!


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𝗪𝘂𝗻𝗴𝗼𝘀 ↶ hi 🕴️ 🫂 Welcoming 🕴️ 📝 Open to suggestions 👍 Community server & SFW 🤼 Fun colors, roles, and bots 🔎 Looking for server partnersy

fellow gamers

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Fellow Gamers is an active welcoming community for all. We have tons of fun stuff, events and gaming. Invite your friends and join the party!

the bean tin

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Just a random server I decided to make to have fun, make friends, send memes, etc.


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